Okenshield Delights

Who We Are

We are first and foremost artisans. An artisan is a person or a company that makes quality or distinctive products in small quantities, usually by hand or by traditional methods. The artisan approach is our core value.

What We Offer

We are a Mother and Daughter artisan team. We offer an experience you cannot get with the bigger companies. We are a boutique operation that understand the customer. We can give you the experience you will not get anywhere else. We offer a product that is true to the artisan beliefs and we hold true to those beliefs. We do not manufacture our product in a warehouse and we do not have complicated automated customer service menus. Keep it simple is what we believe;  we are neither elaborate nor impersonal in both our company and our products. 

We Like Natural

In a world where chemicals, preservatives  and dyes seem to be in everything, people are increasingly searching out products free of these additives. At Okenshield Delights, all of our products are free of chemicals. They are made by hand with all natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on abiding by the following mantras:

- No harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives

- All products are hand made

- Quality ingredients, quality products




The OD Mission Statement: We aim to deliver products of superior quality that prove they do not need chemicals to be great. Our respect for customers and customer service translates to our dedication that every customer has a pleasant experience with Okenshield Delights

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